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We will make ourselves available to the contractors on request to discuss any issues they may have in order to maintain a happy work force.  The contractors will be provided with a weekly pay slip form our Payroll system and they will be paid weekly in arrears into their banking accounts each Friday.

We will retrieve timesheets from the client from which the hours will be collated.  These will then be converted to an Excel spreadsheet which will be supplied to the client along with the invoice on a weekly basis.

  1. We will be available to each HOD’s upon request to discuss any Disciplinary requirements and any other ad hoc issues which may arise.
  2. Bearing in mind that our commodity is people, we will endeavor at all times to place the well being of our contractors and our clients in the forefront of all dealings.
  3. Payment Terms: Strictly Seven (7) Days from Invoice Date
  4. Our admin fee will be an additional percentage per hour. All invoices are payable by Wednesday of each week directly into our bank account.
  5. Permanent placements fees will be a percentage of annual remuneration for all placements with your company.  All placements carry a 3 month guarantee and invoices are payable within 14 days of date.
  6. There will be NO admin fee mark up on annual bonuses should the Company decide to pay these. We will only need to recoup the cost of paying the bonus.

Supporting information

  1. WC registration number:  2237-012-1960
  2. UIF Registration number:  1983359/6
  3. SARS Registration: 
  4. VAT:  4950255598   
  5. PAYE:  7950775314
  6. Company Registration number: 2010/032634/23
  7. Company banking account – on request
  8. SDL Ref no:  L950775314
  9. BEE Certificate attached

Labour Support

Polygraph testing can be done on written request – supplied to you at cost – no additional fees

Legal support is on call 24 hours per day – we have an Advocate on retainer who is a Labour Law Specialist as well as being a CCMA Commissioner. We, ourselves, are well versed in the procedures of the CCMA and all Disciplinary Hearings and Enquiries will be our responsibility.  Managers/ HOD’s of our clients only need to act as Initiator/s in Disciplinary Enquiries / Hearings.

Limited Duration Contracts will be signed by each employee at the start of their employment. A copy of the contract will be given to the employee once it is signed off.

We are fully compliant with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and the Labour Relations Act.  Notice period and probation requirements are strictly in accordance with the BCEA.

Recruitment for all positions is done by our trained Consultants.  We use the most effective method/s to source suitable candidates dependant on the position for which we are recruiting.  These methods include but are not limited to Internet and print advertising and head hunting. If we are unable to source a specific skill and our client is able to source this skill – reduced fees would be applicable and these would be discussed at the time.

  1. Credit and Criminal checks are performed on all candidates for permanent placements on request from yourselves
  2. We will supply, on a monthly basis, the following reports to yourselves:
  3. Summary of recruitment – engagements and terminations
  4. Disciplinary Hearings / Enquiries
  5. Leave taken – sick, annual and Family Responsibility leave
  6. CCMA cases
  7. DE cases on appeal
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